Founded by Olympic and elite athletes.

When we started Antidote, we had a simple goal; create a pre-workout that cut zero corners.

We took the lessons we've learned competing at the very highest levels, and applied it to our goal of making the very best natural nutrition solutions.

Antidote was founded because we could not find a pre-workout that met our incredibly high standards.

So we decided to create our own.

Like you, we're very picky.

We have no time for BS, and neither do you.

We were sick of all the status quo "nutrition" products that were full of junk, and even worse, substances that are known to be dangerous for hearts, lungs, and bodies. We started Antidote to be a slap in the face to the norm.

Developed by renowned sports nutritionists

We didn't just want a "pretty good" pre-workout. We wanted the best pre-workout possible. Our team of nationally recognized sports nutritionists worked to craft the most incredible, natural, scientifically-backed pre-workout blend available.